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Bulk SMS Service FAQ’s

What is Bulk SMS Service?

Bulk SMS Service stands for sending SMS to one or more recipients at a time, in a single click. Bulk SMS Service Providers such as Teleo SMS provide platform to send send bulk SMS in India via software/API/web platforms. Transactional SMS and Promotional SMS are two types of Bulk SMS. Signup Now to Try our Service for Free!

How businesses use Bulk SMS Service?

Bulk SMS Service by Teleo SMS is used by enterprises, companies, financial, educational institutions, retail & e-commerce, health care & medical, developers, start-ups and small businesses for Business communication and Marketing. Bulk SMS is used as promotional sms for sms marketing and transactional sms for various alert sms, OTP and informative messages.

Benefits of using Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is the most preferred, successful communication method. Bulk SMS Service helps businesses to send information alerts to their customers. Bulk SMS is cheaper than any other medium of transactional or promotional communication. Bulk SMS Marketing is the cheapest and effective way for marketing. Some more benifits of bulk sms-

  1. Cheapest and most successful communication method
  2. 98% open rate – 94% sms are opened within 5 minutes they reach
  3. Best success rate & Rapid response – Mobile phone is the closest place we can reach a person
  4. Huge reach ability – Reach huge number of audiences in a single shot
  5. Easiest and Fastest way to delivery of information
  6. Increasing use of mobiles.

Difference between Transactional SMS and Promotional SMS?

Promotional SMS are purely marketing sms and delivery time between 9AM to 9PM only. Promotional sms will not be delivered to DND registered mobile numbers.

Transactional SMS are informative messages used for various alerts like transaction alert sms from bank, train and bus reservation, educational, and order confirmations from websites etc.. Works 24 hours and delivered to DND registered mobile numbers also.

What is OTP SMS?

OTP SMS are high priority transactional sms mostly used for verifications and OTPs. High priority premium routes will be used to maintain instant delivery.

Bulk SMS Price of Teleo SMS?

Teleo SMS maintain honest and transparent pricing. Price starts from 10 paisa per SMS. Teleo SMS Bulk SMS Service is free to try, you will ger free sms credits to test – Signup

Why Teleo SMS is best bulk sms service provider?

Best Delivery: Teleo SMS connected with premium high priority bulk sms operators. SMS delivery will be instant with live delivery reports. Use Teleo SMS easy and secured Bulk SMS API to integrate bulk sms service with your websites, Apps and software.

Features: Packed with updated features, Live reports, Group SMS, Contacts, Scheduler, Excel upload, Unicode (Local language), Customized sms etc.. WordPress plugin, SMS API, Mobile App, Short URL, Image Share & more..

Affordable Price: Honest pricing and our lowest cost is 10 paisa per sms. Our bulk sms solutions help you to make your business more stronger. You can send sms with your brand sender id as DM-YourBrand. Teleo SMS provides bulk sms with unlimited validity.

Free to try: Teleo SMS Bulk SMS Service is free to try, you will ger free sms credits to test – Start your Free Trial Now!

How to send Bulk SMS online?

Sending Bulk SMS using Teleo SMS is easy. Follow these steps..

  1. Signup in Teleo SMS to get Bulk SMS account with free sms credits.
  2. Try our sms and buy any bulk sms plan, starts from Rs.1000
  3. Send bulk sms using our web panel or API
  4. Use our Add-ons for more flexibility
  5. Check delivery reports of your campaigns

Bulk SMS API Documentation?

Teleo SMS Bulk SMS API works with all technologies. Java, PHP, C#, .Net, Python, Ruby, Javascript, WordPress amd more.. Click here to explore Teleo Bulk SMS Service API. Download sample codes and try Teleo SMS API.

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