How to update DLT info in Teleo SMS Web Portal?

DLT Content Templates Update in Web Portal

How to Add/ Update DLT Approved Content Templates in Teleo SMS Web Portal? 

Step 1: (add DLT PE ID to Sender ID)

1) Login to your Teleo SMS Web Portal account.

2) Go to SMS  > My Sender IDs.

3) Add / Edit DLT PE ID to your Sender ID (Header).


Step 2: (Add Templates)

2) Go to My Templates in SMS menu (Left Menu).


3) Click on ‘Add New Template‘.


4) Add your DLT approved Content template details. (It will be approved in 30 minutes.)

*Now your Content Template added in Teleo Web Portal.

5) To Send SMS: Go to Send SMS > Select options and Select Template (Below Message text field).


6) Select your approved Content template from list.


7) Selected template content and DLT Template ID will be filled in Message Text fields.


8) Replace {#var#} with your message content, and Send SMS.

Important Notes: 

  • Message format should be same as approved in DLT.
  • Header and Template should be same as approved in DLT.
  • Test with a single SMS before sending in bulk.

[*Contact us to use default templates, If DLT registration not done.] 

Contact us for help:

Email:  [email protected]

Phone & WhatsApp: +91-8367626262



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